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The Kozy Nook, Gourmet Kitchen Shoppe
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The Kozy Nook, Gourmet Kitchen Shoppe

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At the Kozy Nook, we have fun discovering new gadgets for saving time in the kitchen. Creating delicious meals requires access to the proper tools. You will find some of your favorite classic tools and we’re always searching for useful new gadgets. We especially enjoy receiving new catalogs and flipping through each page to decide which new product lines we will offer.

Our products are carefully chosen with you in mind. The Kozy Nook product line includes baking supplies; cooking tools; silicone utensils; grilling accessories and a variety of essential gadgets.

Our purpose for this blog is to: share some of our favorite recipes, review exciting new culinary tools, provide practical kitchen tips and develop new friendships. We are planning a few contests and give-aways for upcoming months. Look for details on Facebook, Pinterest and on our Kozy Kitchen Blog.

You will notice in most of our recipes, that we highly recommend the superior quality of JR Watkins Naturals for spices, extracts and soup bases. JR Watkins has been trusted for natural products over 145 years. The Original Double Strength Vanilla imparts a rich buttery flavor to all your baked treats. Experience the robust difference in flavor when you taste Watkins Granulated Black Pepper. Also, enjoy delicious grinder seasonings, snack & dip seasonings, dessert mixes and award winning Cinnamon. In addition, JR Watkins has Natural Plant-based Cleaning Care, Natural-based Personal Care, Natural Home Remedies and Natural Supplements. View the complete line at JR Watkins.

Every month, we display our products at Canton First Monday Trade Days. It is the oldest and largest outdoor market in the nation. Come by and visit with us if you’re in the area.

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